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Somos, Inc. Approved as Secure Telephone Identity Certification Authority

by | Jun 14, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Somos, Inc., a leading registry management and data solutions company best known for its roles as the Toll-Free Number Administrator (TFNA) and North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), as well as its forward-thinking telecom fraud prevention services, was recently approved as a Secure Telephone Identity Certification Authority (STI-CA). With this appointment, Somos will be able to further contribute to the battle against fraud by issuing digital certificates for the authentication of phone calls.

As an organization, Somos is united in its ongoing mission to pursue and develop solutions that will help support trust and transparency in communications. This new STI-CA authority is an ideal avenue to forward that mission and an exciting opportunity to assist voice service providers with their Toll-Free Numbers in the implementation of robust call authentication using STIR/SHAKEN.

 “We are thrilled to join an esteemed group of STI-certificate authorities,” states Chris Wendt, VP, Systems Engineering at Somos. “Somos’ participation will help support the advancement of secure communications, particularly in Toll-Free through Delegate Certificates. This will continue to help reinforce our collective commitment to combating fraudulent activities and ensuring the integrity of communications.”

Spoofed calls and fraud have long been serious problems in the telecom ecosystem, continuously accumulating annual consumer losses amounting to billions. At Somos, our mission is to build stronger, more trustworthy connections between consumers, brands and communities — and this new role as an STI-CA represents an exciting new opportunity to contribute to the ongoing creation of foundational elements that will bolster trust in phone calls and text messages.

“Telephone-based fraud is an issue that can, must and will be stopped through industry collaboration,” said Gina Perini, Chair of the Board & CEO of Somos. “This measure will help to contribute to enhanced protection for both consumers and businesses against phone scams and supports the rebuilding of trust in telephone communications. It’s another decisive step towards safeguarding our communications ecosystem — but certainly far from our last.”

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