CFCA is an association built on networking and collaboration and joining a committee is a great way to get involved, network with others that share your interest, and collaborate with industry and knowledge experts.  Committees also provide an opportunity for members to get involved in the decisions and activity of the association. CFCA has currently 4 main committees and 4 sub-committees that members can contribute to.

If you are interested in joining a committee please email or the committee chair(s) for the specific committee you’d like to participate in as described below.

Your participation on a committee is worth  5  Association Activity credits per year.  Credits can be applied towards your CCSP designation.

Education and Resource (Main Committee)

The CFCA Education committee oversees coordination and development of educational material, whitepapers and resource library material and educational services, options and opportunities.  The Education Committee is one of 4 main committees for CFCA and also oversees activity on sub-committees including the Certified Communications Security Professional  (CCSP) committee and the Fraud Dictionary and Best Practices committee.

Co Chairs: Mary Hocheimer CCSP, Sinch and Ryan Karnas, Somos

Members: Terry Powell, Lumen and Laura de la Fe, TextNow

CCSP (Sub-Committee: Education and Resource)

The Certified Communications Security Professional  (CCSP) committee regularly evaluates the certification requirements and program content to maintain program relevance, identify gaps or improvements, and promote program value for CFCA members.    Each CCSP committee member is also responsible for assisting with the vetting and approval processes associated with CCSP candidates.  This includes the validation of credits and assessment of any submissions and interviews.  All CCSP Committee members are required to have the Certified Communications Security Professional (CCSP) designation.

Co Chairs:  Mary Hochheimer, CCSP, Sinch and Chris Walters, CCSP, Charter Communications

Members: Heather Davis, CCSP, Frontier; John Frost, CCSP, Retired; Jacob Howell, CCSP; Matt Laidlaw, CCSP, Charter Communications; Terry Powell, CCSP, Lumen.

Fraud Dictionary and Best Practices (Sub-Committee: Education and Resource)

This committee is a spin-off from the Strategic Partnership committee where we will work with our strategic partners to develop common terminology and documentation that can be used throughout the industry defining different fraud and risk types and methods and the best practices for operators, vendors and consumers.

Co Chairs: Terry Powell, Lumen, Laura de la Fe, TextNow

Members: Keith Gould, Cincinnati Bell; Adrian Lazar Adler, T-Mobile, Paul Irefaj AT&T 

NEW! HTTF – Handset Trafficking Task Force (Sub-Committee: Education and Resource)

The Communication Fraud Control Association (CFCA) is thrilled to announce the establishment of a new Handset Trafficking Task Force. Launched in August 2023. This coalition unites industry players including MNOs and Online Retailers to address the issue of illegally acquired and resold handsets. Committed to eradicating fraud across the Telecom sector, this task force will foster collaboration, information sharing, and the development of a comprehensive anti-fraud framework.

Co Chairs: Steve Schwed, Verizon, Jaime Zetterstrom, SOMOS and Adam Panagia, AT&T.


Membership (Main Committee)

The CFCA Membership Committee is responsible for identifying and reaching out to potential member organizations, familiarizing new and potential members with CFCA’s benefits and offerings, and creating positive and informative experiences for new members.

Co Chairs: Adrian Lazar Adler, T-Mobile; Fidel Aponte, Araxxe

Members: Michael Khalilian, Comcast, Tim Prugar, Next Caller

Fraud Loss Survey (Main Committee)

The CFCA Fraud Loss Survey is published every other year, with much work done in-between to verify relevance of questions, add new questions, and do deep dives into the details.  Success of the Fraud Loss Survey requires, collaborating across industry groups, collaboration amongst CSP’s, collaboration amongst consultants, vendors and technology partners.  This continued effort and input has allowed the CFCA to be able to provide this survey to the industry for many years.  This survey is a significant member benefit and the association, and this committee, take pride in their efforts.  In addition, members of this committee often present results at CFCA Conferences and conferences of other associations globally.

Co Chairs: Jacob Howell, CCSP, Jason Lane-Sellers, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions

Members: Steve Schwed, VerizonStacy Graham, Sinch, Amber Kerr, Union Wireless, Ben Castro, USCellular, Jaime Zetterstrom, Somos, Daniela Iszlai, Telus, Laura de la Fe, Text Now, Adam Panagia, AT&T

Marketing and Event Coordination (Main Committee)

The CFCA marketing committee handles the task of crafting our organization’s marketing message to present the CFCA mission and objectives so that members, and potential members, have a clear impression of what the organization stands for and why they should support it. This includes useful resources such as the Communicator newsletter, CFCA Fraud Loss Survey, and communication through email, the website and social media platforms. The marketing committee oversees coordination of educational events, both live and virtual KNOW Sessions/Webinars as well as sponsorship programs for the organization and solid partnerships with other organizations, government entities and law enforcement.

Co Chairs:  Stacy Graham, CCSP, Sinch and Jaime Zetterstrom, Somos

Members: Travis Russell, Oracle; Amy Oldham, Equinox; Andy Skillen, FICO; Melissa Blassingame, Twilio; Fidel Aponte, Araxxe; Chris Walters, CCSP, Charter Communications.

Website Development and Compliance (Sub-Committee: Marketing and Event Coordination)

This committee oversees development, improvement, security and maintenance of the CFCA website – including adding features, vetting vendors, penetration testing, and more.  In addition this committee audits and verifies compliance for CPNI, CDPR, PCI and more.

Chair: Amber Kerr, Union Wireless

Members: Stacy Graham, Sinch, Luke Taylor, Lateral Alliances, Sara Whitwell, Lateral Alliances

Strategic Partnership (Sub-Committee: Marketing and Event Coordination)

CFCA is conscious of, and encouraged by, the vast amount of organizations and associations through the industry focused on working together towards prevention of fraud, assurance of company revenue and best practices for companies and consumers.  Our desire with the development of our Strategic Partnership program is to acknowledge like-minded associations and organizations that have a membership base focused on finding solutions.  Our goal is not to impede progress of our partners, but rather collaborate to unify us all with common terminology, sharing of information and tools that benefit the industry, and communicate effectively alongside each other unified in the global battle against fraud. The goal of this committee is to work together, as organizations, with government, law enforcement, and consumer groups to unite in fighting the same battle.

Co Chairs: Stacy Graham, CCSP, Sinch and Adam Panagia, AT&T

Members: Kevin Rupy, Wiley Rein; Joel Bernstein, Somos; Catherine Palcic, Somos, 


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