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The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) is the Premier International Association for fraud risk management, fraud prevention and profitability control through education, information sharing and collaboration involving domain experts and law enforcement entities.

CFCA is a not-for-profit International Association committed to risk management, loss prevention and fraud control through education, information sharing and collaboration. The association is comprised of security and risk management professionals from communications service providers, vendor partners and law enforcement entities working together to stop communication fraud.

CFCA’s educational programs and conferences provide invaluable training and knowledge that increase competencies needed to combat new and emerging fraud, revenue protection challenges and to ensure profit.


Latest News

How AI can help telcos crackdown on sales malpractice

No one likes staring at their mobile bill in confusion, then realizing they weren’t told the whole truth when they signed up for their plan. As leading providers use AI to fight professional fraudsters, they shouldn’t overlook its power to help their own agents stay on the right side of the law.

Putting telecom fraud loss into perspective…

Luke Taylor, CFCA Administration, Founder, Lateral Alliances Fraud is not a new problem, it is not a first world or third world problem, it is not just perpetrated against innocent consumers. Fraud is undertaken throughout the globe, it impacts individuals,...

Scams and the CFCA

With the proliferation of scams around the world impacting consumers, businesses, and organisations, it is not a huge surprise that the CFCA name or logo would not be misused for fraudulent purposes by criminals at some time. Sadly that time has come. Over the last...


Terry Powell, CCSP, CFCA Board Director and Sr. Security Specialist, Lumen Toll Free Traffic's nearly a household term, or at least an industry term now since most people in the telecom space of the United States has heard of it, or has been a victim...

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Call Stretching

When patience is stretched to the limit Written by AB Handshake The concept behind call stretching is very simple. A fraudulent carrier artificially inflates the duration of a call to be able to charge more money. But how can this be achieved? The duration is measured...


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