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Stop the Fraud, Stop the Churn

Post by AB Handshake As service quality falters, your customers leave. It's that simple. And the more they leave, the less you grow.  Reducing churn is a common goal for all telcos, and while there are many issues to address here, fraud is the elephant in the...

How CSPs can monitor and monetise flash calls

Posted by Jacob Howell, Subex When accessing personal information or conducting an online transaction, a One Time Password (OTP) is typically all that’s required to verify your identity. Although OTPs provide an extra layer of security, issues do arise. Jacob Howell,...

Using real-time communications to defend against fraud

Posted by Fernando Lopez, FICO Fraud has always undermined profitability and customer experience (CX). According to CFCA, 51% of service providers report fraud alerts continue to trend upwards for their companies. Similarly, 64% report fraud losses have held firm or...

Subscription Fraud: A gateway to other crimes

5 ways crooks exploit subscription fraud and what can be done to prevent it Posted by Fico Though subscription fraud may not be the most common type of fraud that communications service providers suffer any longer, the problem has still grown since 2019 by nearly 6%...

Fall Educational Event – Announced

Fall Educational Event – Announced

After our first face-to-face meeting in Washington D.C. which was a big hit... June was a significant milestone, as CFCA at long last was able to provide the facility to allow members to converge and meet and share their experiences, thoughts, challenges, and ideas...

New CFCA Board 2022

New CFCA Board 2022

New President, VP, and COO as well as welcoming a new director to the board. We would like to announce the new CFCA board for 2022. PRESIDENT Jason Lane-Sellers, CCSP LexisNexis Risk SolutionsVICE PRESIDENT Steve Schwed, VerizonCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Adam Panagia...


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