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Consumer Education Resources Launched

by | Oct 6, 2021 | News | 0 comments

The Consumer Education Committee was formed to develop and share educational material, with all telecommunications carriers, to help educate consumers on how to protect themselves from being victims of Fraud.

The objective is to provide informative information on hot fraud topics that impact consumers, whether it is from scams perpetrated by fraud methods such as Caller ID Spoofing, Common Social Engineering Scams, Phishing, or Network Traffic Pumping, the objective of the initiative is to help arm consumers with enough information to help them become more fraud aware and protect themselves from becoming victims of Consumer Fraud.

Useful Resources

The informative material will be produced by CFCA members (including telecommunication service providers and telecommunication risk management vendors) to support the fight against fraud in telecommunications.  The first document on Identity Fraud was undertaken in collaboration with the CFCA and SpyCloud.

More informative documents are currently being discussed and worked on by the Committee, if you wish to get involved and are a CFCA member, then please contact the committee chair Steve Schwed, Verizon.


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