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Admin Updates – Fraud in Panama . . .

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Admin Updates | 0 comments

Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) held an International Educational Event in Panama last month and the delegates have given me such great feedback, that I had to write about it and share it with you all.

Pictured in Panama

I am privileged to have attended several association events last year, but it gives me great pride to be involved in CFCA events because they bring together telecom operators that although competitors, freely share information on how to tackle industry problems, advise on frauds they are currently experiencing, discuss future strategies and also possible procedures to overcome issues.

I have experienced the considerable effort the volunteers on the CFCA board go to, to make these events informative and interactive, these efforts are mostly unseen, however you can tell when attending, that people have worked their butts off to make it seamless.

Some of the delegates at this event did not speak English however this wasn’t a problem and they did not hold back contributing through an interpreter. On the first day, the amount of interaction and open questions amongst the delegates in the room, meant we overran our agenda, but this is a positive.

Hosted and sponsored by our friends at Araxxe, the event was warm and friendly with an intimate dinner post the event, allowed delegates to meet in a relaxed and informal environment and build relationships.

There are quite a few similar events out there to choose from and budgets are limited, but with a lot of changes in the last 6 months, CFCA Educational Events is providing a constructive platform for collaboration.

The next conference takes place in Las Vegas in just a couple of weeks, covering topics like IOT, Revenue Assurance, Fraud and Illegal Robocalling, as well as an informative presentation from Chief Nevada Gaming Control Board Enforcement Division and of course the CFCA is renowned for entertaining their delegates and sponsors with a planned evening event at Cirque du Soleil.


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