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A Victim of Device Theft

by | Jun 16, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Last week while the CFCA were meeting at their Summer International Educational Event in London, one of the delegates, Milos Dragojevic of MTel became a victim of Device Theft – a topic on the agenda on both days at the event. 

After the evening networking event, Milos visited Trafalgar Square and got out his phone to take a photo. Suddenly, out of nowhere and unexpectedly a thief swept up alongside him and snatched his handset. Gone. 

The next morning while discussing the very topic of device theft, being facilitated by myself and Vijay Gorania of the Metropolitan Police, the victim told his story of how a thief on an electric bike snatched the device. 

This is where the collaborative efforts of the CFCA made some magic happen live!  

Detective Inspector Gorania immediately took a report of what had happened, on site at the MasterCard offices. I was able to list the device Stolen in the GSMA Device Registry and David Dillard of Recipero reported the device in the Recipero database as stolen for commercial buyers to diminish the ability to sell the device.  All three were in the room and demonstrated not only how the delegate was victimized, but how quickly and easily they could respond to the theft. In a few short moments the device was listed. Unfortunately the victims carrier does not participate in the GSMA Device Registry so I and David found an opportunity to assist. 

Now, while the device will likely never be recovered, this underscores the need for more to be done by Carriers, Manufacturers and consumers to make these devices less attractive to thieves and reduce the overall crime involving cell phones.  

Steve Schwed



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