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2023 Handset Fraud Loss Survey Published

by | Jul 19, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The much-awaited Handset Fraud Loss Survey, previously presented by Jacob Howell at the Summer Educational Event in Seattle which instigated much discussion and feedback is now available on the CFCA website.

A message from the Survey Chairman Jacob Howell

Each year, the telecom industry loses billions of dollars to handset and device-related fraud schemes. The term “Handset/Device Fraud” is a catch-all phrase to cover a wide range of techniques used by fraudsters to exploit weaknesses in telecom operators processes, with the intent to obtain high-value handsets/devices by deception that can then resold, the identities from the devices used to exploit the carriers further with fraudulent subscriptions as we well as impacting other industries including financial services.

The purpose of this focused survey is to uncover the impact and extent of Handset/Device Fraud within our industry.

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