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  Requirements for CCSP continuing education credits

Certified Communications Security
Professional (CCSP)

Frequently asked Questions:

Q: What topics are covered in the CCSP exam?
A: Topics include:

  • Historical background of telecommunications
  • General Telephony
  • Detection, prevention and quantification
    of communications fraud
  • Customer premise equipment and fraud
  • Building a case with Law Enforcement/prosecuting
    voice mail fraud
  • Wireless Communications
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Q: If an applicant participates in CFCA activities as a non-member, do they receive credit?
A: Yes, as long as attendance can be verified. It is important to keep attendance certificates and include with CCSP petition.

Q: I submitted my petition, along with the $200 (US) filing fee. Upon review, it was determined that I do not meet the minimum credits. Do I have to pay another filing fee of $200 the next time I update my petition?
A: No, there is a one time filing fee.

Q: Do I have to submit a copy of my college degree?
A: Yes, all eligibility requirement data will be verified.

Q: Do my speaking engagements and published articles have to be related to CFCA?
A: No, but they must be related to communications fraud.

Q: I cannot take the exam at the Conference site, can I take it at another site?
A: Yes, applicants are responsible for letting the Certification Department at CFCA Headquarters know the name, address and phone number of a college/university where they plan to take the exam and the name of the proctor, if known. Otherwise, CFCA will locate a proctor and arrange for the exam.

Q: I took the exam and only passed parts of it. Will I have to retake the entire exam the next time I take it?
A: Yes, since the exam changes to reflect changes in the industry. Your certification is awarded to you based upon the body of knowledge tested at that time.

Q: How many times may I take the examination?
A: You may take the exam as many times as it takes to successfully pass.

Q: Is a sitting fee required each time I sit for the exam?
A: Yes, if a matriculation/proctor fee is charged, it will be passed thru to the candidate for payment prior to the exam.

Q: “What will I get out of it (certification) besides a title?”
A: The benefits of certification are numerous in addition to being able to put the initials “CCSP” after your name:

  • Certification programs act as a means of establishing standards within their given industry. In a sense, certification allows members of the communications security profession to participate in monitoring themselves rather than leaving a void for the regulators, i.e., government agencies, to possibly fill with externally imposed standards.
  • Certification testifies that you, the candidate/member, have attained those criteria necessary to achieve the designation – experience, education and association activity.
  • Reflects your commitment to continuing education.
  • Denotes a level of expertise and achievement.
  • Recognition of achievement from your peers and associates.
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