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  Requirements for CCSP continuing education credits

Certified Communications Security
Professional (CCSP)

The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) seeks to advance to the highest standards of professional behavior and competence among its membership through a certification program. To be eligible to petition for the CCSP examination, applicants must be CFCA members in good standing who meet all current criteria as established by the Certification Committee and approved by the CFCA Board of Directors.

How to apply for certification:

  • File application on the petition form provided by CFCA.
  • Submit all required data along with petition, including experience verification forms.
  • Remit non-refundable petition/application fee of $200.00 (US) with petition.
  • The petition is reviewed by the Certification Committee to ensure eligibility requirements have been met.
  • The applicant is notified by mail of the status of the petition, and, if approved, the date, time and procedure to follow for taking the examination.

A $200.00 (U.S.) administrative fee is required upon filing the petition. (If eligible to sit for the exam, the matriculation/proctor fee will be passed thru to the candidate for payment prior to the exam.)

Examination dates:
The exam can be scheduled at the Annual Educational Event location or, if not attending the Annual Event, at a nearby college/university in your locality. In the first instance the exam would be given the day before the meeting. Individual arrangements will be made throughout the year to accommodate individuals seeking to take the exam at other times. The petition must be submitted 45 days prior to taking the exam in order to allow sufficient time for the review and verification process.

CFCA, 4 Becker Farm Road, 3rd Floor, PO Box 954, Roseland, NJ 07068 USA
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