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Communications Fraud The Bottom Line Handbook
  Requirements for CCSP continuing education credits
Certified Communications Security Professional (CCSP)
Preparing for the Exam

The CCSP certification exam consists of 224 True/False and Multiple Choice questions. It is divided into nine (9) Sections covering:

  • Section I – Historical
  • Section II – General Telephony
  • Section III – Signaling
  • Section IV – Communications Fraud
  • Section V – PBX/PABX
  • Section VI – Wireless
  • Section VII – Legal and Regulatory
  • Section VIII – Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Section IX – How to Determine Fraud Losses

Study Resources:

Communications Fraud The Bottom Line
Author: Dana Bruce Berry, CCSP
Copyright 2001, Revised 4th edition

The Essential Guide to Telecommunications
Author: Annabel Z. Dodd
Copyright 2005, 4th Edition - Prentiss Hall
Chapter 4 (VoIP and Signaling)
Chapter 7 (The Internet)
Chapters 8 & 9 (Wireless Services) Glossary
Wireless Services terms are included in the Glossary at the end of the book

Wireless Crash Course
Author: Paul Bedell
Copyright 2005, 2nd Edition - McGraw-Hill Telecom
Chapter 14 - Wireless Interconnection to the PSTN
Chapter 6 - Digital Wireless Technologies
Chapter 8 - Personal Communications Services
Chapter 16 - Wireless Data Technologies

The Basics of Telecommunications
International Engineering Consortium
Copyright 2005, 5th Edition, Professional Education International
Fundamentals of Telecommunications Intelligent Network (IN)

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