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Certified Communications Security Professional (CCSP)

In 1993, CFCA established the Certified Communications Security Professional (CCSP) program to recognize both professional and educational achievements of our members. Attainment of this recognition (CCSP) is a distinct and desirable mark of professional and educational achievement.

Certification programs, in general, act as a means of establishing standards within a given industry. A successful career in any profession begins with an appropriate degree of certification. CFCA’s CCSP is the only certification program of its kind in the communications industry.

According to the individuals who have obtained their CCSP designation, the rewards of certification are many, including:

“Certification testifies that you have made a positive commitment to your profession.”
“Certification denotes a level of expertise and achievement.”
“Certification goes hand-in-hand with retention and career advancement.”

An excellent weapon in the fight against fraud and an invaluable tool for preparing for the CCSP examination is CFCA's Communications Fraud: The Bottom Line, the CCSP Handbook. The Handbook is designed to assist professionals in fraud investigations as well as for end-users who desire a more thorough understanding of how fraud occurs and how professionals confront the challenges. The 4th edition is now available on CD.

If you have experience as a communications security professional, why not add to your success? CFCA makes it possible by offering educational events and workshops for which you may accrue credits towards your CCSP designation. Learn what is required to obtain your certification as well as the continuing education requirements for maintaining your active CCSP status.

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