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One of CFCA's goals is to promote a united effort against fraud inside and outside the communications industry. As a CFCA member you are affiliated with more than 300 professionals who are working toward achieving this goal. Obtain the greatest possible return on this investment by making full use of the many services which your membership makes available to you.

Allied Associations/Industry Related Links: General Telephony, Legal & General Security, Network Security Management, Allied/Industry Related Associations, Books, Computer Virus Information and Numbers et al.  A Great resource!

Amcrin CrimeDexSM Database
Available to corporate regular and law enforcement members only, upon approval by Amcrin.   CrimeDexSM offers a secure, private and able database of fraudulent checks. Subscribers share information online regarding related crimes allowing both corporate and civic criminal investigators to gain, share and surpass current investigation techniques and results.

Acronym and Terminology Guide: A listing of frequently used industry acronyms and terms.

Carrier Identification Codes: A complete list of all CIC's is on file at the Headquarters.

Attain recognition as a Certified Communications Security Professional.  (CCSP)

Conference Hosting and Sponsorship:
Provides numerous opportunities to target and promote company products and services to CFCA conference attendees.

Criminal Justice Resources

Educational Conferences & Workshops: National and international conferences create unique learning and networking opportunities.

Educational Library:
Conference CD's, Audio Tapes and Presentation Hardcopy

Fraud Alert: Available on-line to members only.  This news-weekly features abstracts of breaking cases, telecom news briefs, terminating numbers connected with high abuse, number identification, information gathering for investigative purposes and "ASK THE EXPERTS," which is used to assist CFCA's members with complex security questions. 

Legal and Legislative:
Updates given at each conference consisting of information on current legislative and regulatory issues facing the security segment of the industry.

Law Enforcement Liaison:
To assist members in their investigative efforts, a list of law enforcement FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) graduates is available.

Membership Information:
Additional information regarding types of membership, dues and membership application are available here.

NANP Directory:
A listing of the most current area codes for the United States and International countries.

Public Awareness: An aggressive approach targeting military bases, campuses, the workplace and general public. Brochures and Posters are available to share with your customers, employees and general public, so that you may provide them with preventive tools to fight communications fraud.
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